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Veken 12 Inch Rain Shower Head Dual Shower Head Combo Chrome



  • Large Rainwater Shower Head : Likes to shower with a Rainwater Shower Head, but hates dealing with low pressure and installation difficulties? We provide you with protection in Veken; This 12 inch diameter rain nozzle ensures that your bottom will not freeze. Each rain nozzle can deliver high-pressure water flow, and the angle and height can be fully adjusted. Perfect affordable rain shower head for any shower or bathtub!
  • Settings for Each Style: Whether you prefer a stronger massage mode or a gentle mist, the Veken Rainbow shower head combination comes with everything. The handheld accessory provides five spray modes: powerful massage, rain+massage, rain, rain+mist, mist! After a long day in the office, use a strong massage setting or use mist mode to bathe the child. Best of all, both are easy to install. There is no need to waste money on expensive plumbers.
  • Anti Clogging/Anti Cracking – We all hate shower nozzles losing pressure or nozzles starting to block. The Veken rainwater shower nozzle is easy to clean and made of particularly durable materials. The rainwater shower nozzle is equipped with an 11 inch telescopic arm that can extend 180 degrees. The telescopic arm is made of tough material and can be fully adjusted to meet the needs of every member of your family. Featuring powerful dual locking function to prevent slipping!
  • Extending the Hose – I like to lie in the bathtub, but I hate lengthening the shower head hose too short? The Veken retractable handheld shower head comes with a 70 inch hose, which is nearly 10 inches longer than most competitors. Do you like a fully functional handheld shower nozzle? The hose is easy to install and has an anti entanglement design.
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Veken Settings Pressure Adjustable Extension Chrome Veken Settings Pressure Adjustable Extension Chrome


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